SI-4: Influence without Authority


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Length: 65 minutes

At work and elsewhere, people are increasingly finding themselves in positions where they have the responsibility over teams charged with  completing difficult tasks without having the authority over the people doing the work. If you can't tell people what to do, or would rather not force them to if there were a better way, you need to accomplish your work through influence.

In this influence without authority CareerShorts, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the value of influence in getting things done
  • Persuade people more effectively by understanding the levers of influence
  • Negotiate with others  to get your mutual interests met
  • Influence people by leading them toward a shared vision
  • Listen more carefully to hear the interests that motivate others
  • Communicate in a clear, concise, and inspiring manner
  • Increase your influence by managing people’s emotions more effectively


Coach: Moshe Cohen, President, The Negotiating Table Moshe Cohen, MBA is a trainer and mediator based in Cambridge, MA. Since founding The Negotiating Table in 1995, he has conducted hundreds of communication, leadership, influence, and negotiation skills workshops for numerous corporations, law firms, financial services companies, consulting firms, and others, and has mediated hundreds of employment, workplace, and other conflicts. Mr. Cohen also teaches Negotiations and Leadership in the MBA program at Boston University and Cambridge College, and is a frequent guest speaker at business functions, conferences, and universities. He has also published numerous articles on negotiation, mediation, conflict management, and leadership.  


This class is beneficial to anyone, from recent college graduates and mid-career professionals to CEOs looking to learn or polish the skills they need to increase their influence in situations where they have little direct authority. 

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