SI-2: Polish Your Interpersonal Skills: Making Emotional Intelligence Work for You


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Length: 50 minutes

Aren't emotions supposed to be kept out of the workplace? Don't we strive to think rationally, not emotionally? Think again ... research shows that emotions play a huge role in professional success…in fact, some of the most valued, productive employees and leaders are those with high EQ-not necessarily the highest IQ. Best of all, unlike IQ, EQ isn't set at birth- it can be tapped, nurtured and strengthened to increase productivity, improve relationships, develop optimism and creativity, and reduce occupational stress!In this relationship economy, interpersonal skills are more important than ever ... and that is what Emotional Intelligence is all about. 

In this polish your interpersonal skill CareerShorts™, find out all about the DNA of Emotional Intelligence and what it can do for you.You will learn:

  • What it is
  • Why it is critically important
  • What you can do to improve yours

Coach: Katherine Poehnert, M.Ed.Psych., Founder InSight Services Coaching and Training

Katherine is a professionally certified coach and trainer whose corporate training market focuses on leadership development programs using the tools of Emotional Intelligence Assessment (including 360 feedback), group training, and follow-up coaching. She is a certified consultant with Genos Emotional Intelligence; a global, cutting-edge leader in the assessment and development of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Katherine's corporate clients include AT&T, Liz Claiborne, Donna Karan, Prudential, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Primerica Financial Services, Borders Books and PSEG.


This class would be beneficial to anyone, from recent college graduates, to seasoned professionals who wish to improve their interpersonal skills for more professional and personal success.

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