BC-14: From Fear of Public Speaking to Successful Presentations

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Length: 50 minutes

Is fear of doing presentations in business meetings -- or presenting yourself at interviews -- holding you back from success? In this innovative class, you will learn how to get a handle on your anxiety by programming yourself to focus on strong and positive images and feelings through the use of Goal Imagery - a cutting edge methodology that helps you tap and use the subconscious power of emotions and imagination. Discover fun-to-learn techniques and practical tips to help you stay focused and confident, while putting your "best self" forward.

In this public speaking skill CareerShorts, you will learn:

  • Recognize when your own imagination creates your fears
  • Transform fear into positive excitement
  • Learn to utilize Goal Imagery to stay calm and centered under stressful situations

Coach: Marianna Lead, Founder, Goal Imagery Institute Award-winning past president of International Coach Federation - NYC and the founder of Goal Imagery method, Marianna Lead, PhD, is a pioneer in tapping the subconscious power of emotions and imagination to unleash hidden potential for individual and organizational improvement. Marianna's background in the performing arts as an acting instructor and theater director enhances her skills as a coach, therapist, and teacher. She co-hosted Laughter as a Life Skill with comic Yakov Smirnoff at the American Airlines Theater on Broadway and created Life Coach TV, a popular weekly cable TV talk show in Manhattan, Dr. Lead has frequently been featured on national TV & radio, in magazines (such as Fitness, Natural Health, and Time Out) and documentaries. She has been an adjunct faculty at New York University since 2005.


This class is beneficial to anyone who wants to get a handle on their anxiety of public speaking and become more confident while delivering their presentations. It is also helpful for those who get nervous during interviews or other situations that make them feel "put on the spot".



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