PP-2: Creativity and Innovation: How to Generate Ideas and Solve Problems

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Length: 48 minutes 

As the business world grows ever more challenging you are expected to be able to support your organization with creative and innovative ideas whether you work in the post room or are the CEO. From the comfort of your own office or workspace learn how your natural ability to think can work for and against you when you need to overcome problems or come up with ways forward. Learn how to overcome the obstacles and generate ideas and solutions easily.

In this creativity CareerShorts, you will learn how to:

  • What creativity is and what it is not
  • About the brain and how it helps and hinders creativity
  • About organizations and how they help and hinder creativity
  • About yourself and how you help and hinder your own creativity
  • a selection of tools and techniques that will allow you to enhance your creativity in all manner of situations
  • how to think more creatively and innovatively

Coach: Paul Birch, Author, Founder, Visionjuice Paul Birch BSc, DMS, MBA specializes in creativity and change. He helps individuals and organizations to develop and grow by finding effective new ideas. Thirteen years ago he left British Airways after an eighteen-year career that spanned most departments in the company, including Operations Research, IT, Finance, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategy. His most controversial role was Corporate Jester, a role that challenged complacency and bad practice throughout the company. Based in England, he has been a visiting lecturer at Exeter University, Henley Management College and Oxford University. He has written nine books on creative thinking, organizational change, teamwork, leadership and coaching.  



This class is beneficial to anyone, from recent college graduates to CEOs who are looking to learn to improve their ability to generate ideas and to understand how they can improve their thinking processes.

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