CTG-10: Accelerating Your Job Search with LinkedIn

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Length: 35 minutes 

Today's job search paradigm has changed dramatically since even just 2 years ago. HR recruiters are less likely to post open jobs on job boards, and hiring managers are more likely to rely on their own personal network to make hiring decisions. However, professionals still make the mistake of simply trolling job boards as the mainstay of their search.

The savvy job seeker knows that their network, both on and offline, is going to be the most valuable career asset they could cultivate.

In this course we will look at some powerful tips and tricks you can use to stand out from the crowd and really leverage the power of today's social media tools to quickly expand your network and improve your chances for getting hired sooner.

In this CareerShort you will learn:

  • Why your first impression is likely to be an online impression
  • The importance of your personal brand
  • The elements of a successful LinkedIn profile
  • A 4 step method for getting job interviews fast through social media


Coach: Joshua Waldman, Founder and CEO of Cinta Media and Career Enlightenment, Nationally known blogger and trainer
Joshua is a social media strategist and founder of Career Enlightenment LLC a firm dedicated to helping job seekers, frustrated by the traditional job search, leverage social media tools to find work FAST! He also blogs, trains and presents to job seekers, career advisors and Universities all over the country about how to stay ahead of the social media curve. You can download additional free training from Joshua here, Social Media Job Seeking Videos or learn how to bring him to your institution. United States Congress. 



This class will benefit anyone, from recent college graduates and mid-career professionals to CEOs who want to learn how to accelerate their job search, get unstuck in their careers or maximize the power of social media for their own success.  

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