BC-5: How to Give Effective Feedback to Anyone

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Length: 45 minutes

Being able to give effective feedback to the people around us in personal and professional situations is a key indicator of leadership potential.  The art of giving effective feedback is also critical in situations of interpersonal conflict, unresolved personal issues, performance reviews and teamwork. Knowing what questions to ask, how to listen and how to phrase negative feedback without emotionally shutting down the receiver of feedback requires specialist knowledge that can preserve relationships and facilitate understanding and progress in difficult communication situations.  Similarly, this course delivers critical information for receivers of feedback and how best to receive and process feedback as well as respond effectively for mutual interpersonal success.

In this giving feedback CareerShorts, you will learn how to:

  • Know when to give feedback
  • Learn the seven "Characteristics of Helpful Feedback"
  • Recognize when feedback is understood
  • Make it easy for others to accept feedback
  • Choose appropriate language for feedback
  • Use nonverbal signals to support effective feedback

Coach: Harrison Monarth, Founder, GuruMaker - School of Professional Speaking, New York Times Bestselling Author New York Times bestselling author and GuruMaker head coach Harrison Monarth is a leader in the field of persuasive communication and speaker coaching. One of the most sought-after communication coaches in the United States, he regularly prepares CEOs, senior executives, political candidates and other leading professionals for high-stakes presentations and speaking opportunities. Harrison has personally coached leaders from major organizations in financial services, technology, medical, legal, hospitality and consumer industries, as well as real estate, nonprofit and politics. His client list includes Merrill Lynch, Northwestern Mutual, Intel, Cisco Systems, Prudential, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Hertz, and many other leading corporations, as well as political candidates and Members of the United States Congress. 



This class is beneficial to anyone, from recent college graduates and mid-career professionals to CEOs who want to learn how to give effective feedback to others, promoting understanding and facilitating interpersonal communication in social and professional situations for successful outcomes

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